Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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The Twilight : Eclipse trailer is out today. It looks good~ That was my favourite book out of the whole okay series. I’m not a fan, but I’m not a hater either… I’m more of a book obsessed girl.

I can’t wait for City of Bones’ movie comes out. That shall be amazing. I just hope they get the characters right. Not some stupid famous people that don’t fit the part…

Today was boring.. and very laid back… Business, we watched a movie and I fell asleep but was able to pop up right in time for every question on the work sheet we got. That was cool~ Then in biology, we took up a quiz and an assignments then did a test. Fun. Lunch was BORING. My god… it was like slowly deteriating my patience and well being… In tech we played on Facebook because our teacher wasn’t there and we didn’t feel like doing work. Lastly, in English, we did this 20 minute clean up thing for Earth day (yesterday) (which we did today…). So I touched this guy with my gloved hand on the shoulder, so then he like spazzed because he thought it was dirty. It wasn’t. So then he was like ‘what the hell!!!’ and then took some cigarette butts he had found and threw them at my face, and then smashed his hand against my face. Then it was my turn to say ‘WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT FOR!?’ So then I slapped the back of his head, and then he hit me in the face again, then i kicked his legs, and then he grabbed my arms so i wouldn’t be able to punch him, and then he started spinning and I tripped and hit the ground, then he dragged me, and my jeans got these like really ugly grass stains… and they were new *tears up* so then I ended up chasing him. This is how I spent my 20 minutes meant for saving the earth. After that, we went back inside and watched Akeelah and the Bee. Fun… I love the Asian guy, he’s so cool and smart *godly* ahaha~ but seriously. He was like King of smart land… and that makes me seem dumber… hehehe…

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Story Time~


“I have to tutor you. What. The. Hell!” She snapped loudly, walking down the hallway. Few people glanced our way. Instead of being surprised at her outburst, they were watching me, as I followed her through the crowd.

“What do you mean you have to tutor me?!” I snapped back. A tutor, especially her, didn’t fly in my world. I was bad at chem., but I had accepted that long ago.

“Just that! Argh!” We wound our way towards the school’s exit and I followed her down the field behind the school. “And why are you following me.”

“Step-ass took my car,” I told her rolling my eyes. “Might as well have some company.”

“I’d rather a hobo’s company.”

“But there aren’t any hobos around to spare, so you’re stuck with me.” I could practically hear her eyes roll. We made our way into the small alleyway that was a shortcut to many students’ houses. It wasn’t really an alleyway, though everyone called it that. It was just a small path cut into the strip of trees that surronded the school. The ground was still dirt, and there was a tall fence, so there was no way for kids to climb over and run away from home, and it was harder to get jumped, but not impossible. Which was why, when I heard rustling behind me, I paid no attention. It wasn’t until Kristen swore that I looked carefully at the people ahead of us.

They were in their usual black clothes. The girls in tight shirts and pants, and the guys in baggy sweaters and jeans. I turned to look behind me and saw that they had been following us. The alley was the worst place to get attacked by them, mainly because it was harder to get away. They also didn’t like me much, which probably didn’t help us. I had injured a good lot of their gang. Either by them attacking or me getting pissed off at the step-ass and hunting them down.

Their leader was J-EZ. I had no clue what that stood for, but she was pretty tough, she was the only gang member who seemed serious about her position in the gang and she was the only one with a gun, though she rarely carried it. She had short, boy-cut, black hair, chalk pale skin, and striking green eyes. She had strengthened the gang so much more since she got here during the summer. Apparently, she was the former leader of a gang some place south. However, compared to her, everyone else in the gang was either really wimpy, had no strength, or ran really slow. So basically, everyone just sucked at being a gang member.

“Sterling,” she said. I nodded.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“No, but you can explain why Greene was lying unconscious at the gas station.”

“I wouldn’t know. He probably tried to kill someone, but they knocked him out before he got the chance.”

“Then what’s with the shiner? Hm?”

“My step-dad’s got a temper the size of China.”

“Liar.” And then she pulled out her gun.


I swear, only walking home with Eric could I encounter a gang with a gun. And only in my world would I just happen to know the person holding it. 

I didn’t feel like boring everyone with my complaints about life, school, etc. So I decided to post some random part of a random story I’m writing. If I ever decide to post another bit of a story, I’d bet you it’d be from something totally different from this one. I scrap them fast.

It’ll only make it better~

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Winter Break Begins~

Yeah~! Winter Break is finally here. ‘Course there’s still work to be done, but at least schools on hold for a while.

Today was totally fun, and… free? Well, in first period History, our teacher was late, so another teacher filled in. all we did was chat, since there were only five people in the class~ Then in second period, Careers, my teacher let us talk and do as we pleased, so I happily finished Blue Bloods, and I have to say, the book is awesome. Not cliche, and not too out there. I enjoyed it a lot, so now I need to find the second book to read… In fourth, or well… third period, we just ran around the class taking pictures, drawing on the board, and chilling. It was hilarious some of the things my friends did. Then in last period… or fourth period? Our school counts lunch as period three, since some people have classes at that time, and so it’s a little confusing. Well, anyways, in math we just ran around the school, exchanged gifts (well I recieved, but I’m giving after the break ^^) and our teacher was surprisingly nice today, so she gave out chocolate and let us play cards, and draw all over the board, and run around to other classes. It was a fun day.

Later on, at 11:30? :40? somewhere around there, the Holiday Assembly started. It was pretty cool, even though some of the performances were the same as the ones from Destination NV. They did the study hall skit again, but I think it was better this time. It’s basically Quest Crew (america’s best dance crew season 2//so you think you can dance) but high school kid version. It was fun~ They also did a skit about the true meaning of Christmas which was good =) A few people sang, but I think my favourite perfomance was the teacher’s performance. First the male teachers did this kind of rockband thing, where they all play instruments and one female sings, so they did two of those, and then the female teachers came out and danced to Single Ladies by Beyonce. It was really good ^^

My favourite student performer was this girl who sang Fireflies by Owl City, she did it really well, and then everybody brought out their cell phones and started waving them back and forth. The whole assembly was awesome~

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School, School, and More School

Another day of school passes. Nothing fun, nothing amzing, but one thing annoying. Apprarently the school is getting new teachers, so they’ve decided to split up classes. Yay…. er…. to my dismay they’re cutting up my class which is no fun at all, cause I actually like my class, and my teacher… to the extent of liking school… I don’t want to be stuck with some clueless fresh out of school teacher… That’s just… not so good.

Eh. Whatever. We’ll see what happens on Monday. Until then. I have a project to finish for Friday, a Math test, and a History test to study for. Sigh.

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