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Go Canada Go!

We WON!! Our Men’s hockey team beat Team USA by 1 point, the last goal scored during overtime by Sydney Crosby, who, I’m sorry, could have done better during the actual game. First the shootout and now overtime. Sigh. Ah well! CANADA WON!
We finish with 14 Golds, 7 Silvers, and 5 Bronze medals~

I just finished watching the Closing Ceremony, and it was half boring half awesome…
There was a small showing of Nikki and some French girl singing I Believe (eng/french), it sounded nice~
After the Opening Ceremony, the USA said that the Canadian hosted Olympics was a failure from the start, the opening ceremony must have been directed by clowns, they couldn’t even get the fourth torch up!
As Canadians, we are nothing but gracious, so we took that US story, and made it into a humourous act. They got a mime to act as the mechanic and fix the last torch so it would rise up with the other four. The performance was quite entertaining. After that though, there were speeches, anthem sang, etc. In between all that monotonous official business though, there was a performance by Eva Avila, Derek Miller, and Nikki Yanofsky, which sounded great! I think Nikki looks a little like Selena Gomez, I don’t know why though… Anyone else see the resemblance?
Then there were more anthems, and more speeches. Later Neil Young performed and then there were then a few speeches by three different Canadian comedians: William Shatner, er.. can’t remember the female…, and Michael J Fox.
Another story from the US: They said that in the opening ceremony, Betty Fox (Terry Fox’s mother) or in their case, Michael J Fox’s mother, walked with the Canadian flag. They also said that it was Michael J Fox who ran across Canada to spread awareness for cancer. Only the US can make this mistake. Only them… (What a FAIL)
Then there was a performance by Michael Buble~ (Awesome artist~) and there were dancers and performers who brought out huge rolling stands… and boards.. and animals? There were some huge cut out RCMPs and hockey players, then there were large beavers, and then some moose balloons… I didn’t really get the point of that…
After, the whole stage turned into a dance floor where all the athletes and volunteers danced to music. Performances done were: Nickelback: Burn it to the ground, Avril Lavigne: My Happy Ending and Girlfriend, Alanis Morissette: Wunderkind, Hedley: Cha’Ching, Marie-Mai: Emmone-Moi, I can’t remember what K’OS sang… and Simple Plan: Your Love Is A Lie… and that’s all I remember… Aha~ I think I got everyone~^^
That was about it. I pretty much only liked the music, though the comedians were funny, along with the mime~^^

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics draw to a close, but the Paralympics is starting March 12^^

Today is the last day of the Chines New Years Celebration, meaning the New Year officially begins. So we went out to dinner with my dad’s side again. I love our dinners just because they’re hilarious.
The main entertainment today came from the fortune cookies.
See Asian fortune cookies always have either bad grammer, are dumb, or really simple.
My aunt’s said: Respect isn’t given, it’s earned. Thanks, I kind of learned that in Kindergarten
My cousin R’s said: You will read this and say ‘Geez! I could come up with a better fortune than that!’
My cousin K’s said: About time I got out of that cookie!
My dad’s said: Woman’s intuition like feather on arrow. May help flight to truth.
I love Asian restarants~
Happy New Year Asians~^^

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Lunar New Years~

Gung Hay Fat Choy, Lai Si Du Loi
That’s roughly the way that line should sound… Wishing everyone Happiness and Prosperity This New Year, Red Envelopes Are On Their Way~ Aha~ No, to those who aren’t Chinese, gung hay fat choy does not mean Happy Lunar New Year. Just to let you know~

This year is the year of the tiger. Not my year, but it is my sister’s.
The Tiger is an aggressive fighting spirit. They are courageous and are deep thinkers who are true to friends. Tigers are unpredictable and listen intently to advice but then do as they please, regardless of what was said. Tigers live life to the fullest and tend to get involved with emotional situations.
Other than the fighting spirit part, it’s pretty on the target with my sister~Hehe~

So my family (dad’s side) went out to dinner on Friday for Lunar New Year, and today with my mom’s side. After, we dropped off my grandparents back at their house, and then went out to the Scarborough Town Center. I used to love that mall. They used to have these hot air balloons in front of the Bay that would fly up and down. It was so fun to watch, when I was 12. It would be fun now, but the balloons are gone now, and the whole mall is under epic construction. So when we walked out of the Bay we were shocked to see that the ceilings had dangling wires, and the rails were torn out (there were little walls to stop people from falling). The way the mall will look once construction is complete will be so cool and modern, like Fairview, Promenade, and Yorkdale.

In front of Sears, there was this guy who was painted silver and was dancing to Elvis songs. I had seen someone like him (maybe it was him) at the Niagara Fallsview Casino building near the fountain a few years back, when it had first opened. He was standing on a silver pedestal (today’s guy) and was dancing like a machine. When he turned, it was as if his feet were part of the pedestal, slow and precise, and he was just a machine. It was awesome~



I didn’t have an actual camera with me at the time, so these are pretty bad quality, sorry…

So today is February 14th, which is also Valentine’s Day, or in other words, Singles Awareness Day. The day that people celebrate their love with others, and the day where single people are acutely aware of the fact that they have no significant other, and that they’re alone. Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentines, but I personally think that it’s just a holiday created by card companies so their sales will go up, same with mother’s and father’s day. Shouldn’t you try to appreciate them everyday of the year? It’s not like you’ll have a girlfriend or boyfriend if you don’t give them attention everyday, so why must you emphasize it on this particular day. Yeah, so I’m one of the single people, it’s still true!

So yesterday, I believe, was the woman’s freestyle skiing event. I was watching it, and was wondering how these people even train for these things. It’s like flying off a ramp and then flipping yourself in the air and landing, while wearing very long sticks on your feet. I would like die trying that…
So Canada was a contender for Gold, but we won Silver. This is a great achievement for Canada, and for the lady who had won it. But apparently, it wasn’t good enough for the media. After they had been awarded their medals, all the winners had been surrounded by reporters. When Jennifer Heil had stepped down, probably feeling good about winning Silver, she was interviewed by this reporter from what I believe was CTV News. There wasn’t a ‘Congrats for winning Silver, you must be so proud’ instead the reporter immediately starting saying: ‘Why didn’t you win Gold!’ ‘You must have felt really bad about losing’ ‘How do you feel about letting your country down?’ Like lay off! She did her best, but the US won by a hundredth of a second or something like that. She went before the US anyways, and had no control over it anyways. She won Silver, and that’s better than any of the reporters could do. From my perspective, Jennifer Heil did amazingly well, winning Canada their first medal of the 2010 Winter Olympics. She should be congratulated not put down. There’s so much stress on these things, and she did exceptionally well.
It’s like that year that Kurt Browning was in the Olympics, and won either Silver or Bronze for Skating. After, he had apologized for losing Gold. There was no reason for him to apologize. There’s the pressure of millions on their shoulders, and if they don’t get Gold, then c’est la vie, they tried their hardest.

At this point in the Olympics, the US have collected 4 medals, 1 Gold, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze, Korea (1Gold, 1Silver) and France (1Gold, 1Bronze) have obtained two, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Switzerland have gotten 1 Gold medal, Canada, Germany, Norway, and Poland have gotten 1 Silver, and Austria, Croatia, and the Russian Federation have gotten 1 Bronze.

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(Woah… I wrote a lot today….)

Remembering Sunday

Remembrance day is Wednesday and through tradition, my family visits the cemetery the weekend before it. My grandmother’s parents are there, along with my aunt. My aunt was killed when she was eighteen, so naturally, I never met her. She was riding home in a taxi from her friend’s house. In the middle of an intersection, the taxi got T-Boned by another car, instantly killing her and the taxi driver. Every year, we visit her, along with my great-grandparents around Remembrance Day, Christmas, and Easter.

And after every visit to the cemetery, there must be a meal. Usually we go to this Chinese restaurant called Empire or was once called New World, which was bought out by Empire, but then last year the restaurant (Empire) closed down. Don’t know why, but it did. So today, we ended up going to the Best Dragon Chinese restaurant on Steeles across from Centerpoint. This was the very same restaurant that we had seen a rat a few weeks ago. Very appealing, don’t you think? My sister, dad, and I had to listen to my mother rant about the germs and diseases that are lodged in the restaurant for the 30 minute ride over to the restaurant. Fun.

Overall, the meal was good, and no rats made an appearance today. It was just a normal family get together, which was quite enjoyable.

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Long Weekend~

Ah. It’s finally Saturday, the beginning of a wonderfully long weekend. Lots of time to catch up on lost sleep.

Yesterday wasn’t one of my favourite days. I had a science test and a math test, which I’m sure I didn’t do too well on. Then I got home, and my internet was down, so I couldn’t post, or play games online.

Though, there was one highlight in my night last night. My family got together to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday, It was totally fun. I love hanging around with my relatives, there’s always something to laugh and joke about, and everyone always just has a good old time. We went to some Chinese restaurant, and we all know that their not the most sanitary of places. However, yesterday, at the end of the meal, the waiter was taking all the plates away and piling them on a metal cart, then when it rolled away, it left a lovely gray rat on the ground, where it ran around the floor beside our table, freaking out the waiters. It was hilarious. Though most people would be disturbed, we were just laughing our heads off.

By the end of dessert, they had caught it and taken it outside. Hey, we couldn’t complain. Dinner and a show, what more could you ask for?


Today, is just for relaxing. I’m not going to touch any of my projects ’til tomorrow, or Monday. Yes, that might reflect as lazy, but hey, I’ve been stressing out all week over tests and homework. We all should get a day to sit down and do nothing, don’t you think?

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