Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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It’s the Weekend!

It’s the weekend, so why aren’t I happy? Oh that’s just because all my teachers give way too much work during it.

I like that song. Canadian pride~~~
Yeah, Justin Bieber sings, but thanks to his young sounding voice, it sounds like there’s a little kid aiming high to help those who need it. Good song. Always have liked it~

I just watched Sonny With A Chance the second show of season two, and I think it’s getting dumber and dumber this season. The dance last episode was dumb, and this show is… well there’s really no words for it’s stupidity…

Ah well, I say this, and next week, I’ll be watching episode three.

I finally finished the Pretties this morning. Now it’s on to the Specials. Not a bad series I have to say.
I should really start on my mountain of homework…

Currently: Doing my tech assignment

Reading: Specials by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: Waving Flag by Canadian Artists


Strong enough to fly
To fragile to touch
Easy to break

Take flight
Letting the world
Fall away
To bliss

To its greatest extent
To everything in life

To go where ever you’d like
To your point of view

To be accepted
For who you are
Who you want to be

Flying free


Would life be easier
If we all did
That is expected of us?

No need for yelling
No need for tears
Stress would be
An everday tradition

Where we’d feel
Like there is
Never a challenge
Or an obstacle

If we do as we are told
How do we
Find ourselves?

How would we
Find out who we are?
How would we
Be individuals?

We’d be a world of robots
Without flaws
To hold us back
From anything else in life

But wouldn’t that
Also detain ourselves
From being
Who we really are

Mistake making
Chance taking
Life Fulfilling


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