Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Good Morning World.

This is a very early post.

Well, yesterday, I would have posted, but I kind of was in pain.
You see, I went biking for the first time since July, and I’m out of practice. Though I’m usually not THIS bad, I was pretty bad yesterday. I wiped out three times, meeting the pavement with the right side of my body. Let’s just say that side isn’t happy this morning. *cringes in pain*
Ah well, it was still a hell of a lot of fun~~

Three more days left of March Break, and I have gotten almost no work done… Yay… Now it’s like cram time. I have to finish my science assignment… and study for a test. Sigh.
And oddly, I have only finished one book so far… I seriously read more when I have school and work and tons of homework than I do without all that. Weird.

Today, I’m going to watch Bounty Hunter (hopefully) or She’s Out Of My League (er…) with Danica and Anna . Can’t wait, I so want to see this movie because it looks so awesome~~!! Bounty Hunter that is. I love Geraud Butler and Jennifer Aniston! They’re movies are always pretty good, plus I loved Friends~~ She’s so out of my League looks like it’ll be funny. I remember that guy who’s starring in it, Jay, when he was with Elisha Cuthbert in Popular Mechanics. Now most kids these days would be like ‘what the heck is Popular Mechanics for Kids!?’ I used to love that show~ Still watch it every now and then.

Just heard this new song by Iyaz (Most Known Song: Replay) and Charice (Most Known Song: Note to God)

It’s not a bad song~

Currently: Attempting to finish my bio assignment. I don’t get, like, half the questions…

Reading: I think I’ll start… eh I don’t know…

Listening to: Pyramid by Charice ft. Iyaz

Pacific Mall

Today, I went to Pacific Mall with my friend D and some of her friends from her middle school. P-Mall is basically a large all asian mall. There are a bunch of stores, that don’t have that big of units to set up in and sell stuff for a cheaper prices than you can find anywhere else. It was pretty fun. I got to know her crazy friends, and find my temporary place among them~

A few days ago, I watched the Ugly Truth starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. It is a hilarious while semi-sweet movie. Though some parts are the dumbest things you’ll ever hear, it was funny~

Currently: Listening to music

Reading: The Hunger Games

Listening to: All the music I have and music on Youtube~

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