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Romeo And Juliet

Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo~!
Aw shut thou mouth, tis but three in the morning, you barnacle boot face

I don’t know, but seriously. We’re reading Romeo and Juliet in English class. I love the play, I love pretty much all of his plays, it’s my teacher that I’m not so crazy about.
I mean, yeah, not a bad guy, but seriously. We had an 80 minute class, and read two pages of intro stuff for the play. Yeah discussion are meant for learning. But 80 minutes worth, and two pages read. It’s a waste of a class.

Business, we just took up stuff, and then the class ended. I think the teacher hates me now.. He never even looks my way *sad* ah well, I’m still getting 97 so whatever.
Biology, I have a quiz on Thursday. I have done like no work… I’m so smart. *sigh*
Technology, we have to figure out what to do for a final project, and I’m stuck. There’s only one criteria: make it out of wood.
I’m thinking of making a fancy band saw box, a tree that holds jewellery, or an organization box thing. I don’t know… more dilemmas….

I also need to find out where, when, who, what, blah, blah, blah, for my birthday party. My parents want me to have one, but then every idea I try, they shoot down. Their one option that they want is The Glaze Craze, which is where I had my 12th birthday and my sister had her 8th birthday. I think repetition is to their liking..Sigh… again

Talent Show on Thursday, during fifth period. YAY! No English *happy dance* I’m sorry, that class is way more boring than anything else in the world. Like, seriously.

Currently: attempting to study Bio

Reading: The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: After the Rain by Yamashita Tomohisa


Ugh. I’m sick today. I was sick yesterday too I guess…
I haven’t really been posting any actual ‘daily life’ posts for a while, just poems… I just noticed that.
So I was going to post yesterday, I really was… but then I almost collapsed, so I ended up just sleeping at 9pm. Ironic that in Bio I’m learning about viruses and stuff, and suddenly, I get one.

I have a Business test tomorrow. That will be fun, seeing as I won’t have the review stuff I’m supposed to get today… Yeah I’m home…
Then I have a Biology quiz on Friday. Even more fun. Sigh.
Also, sometime between tomorrow and another day, I have a Bio assignment due and then a tech assignment… I should really start those…

Tomorrow’s my sister’s birthday, so I’m making her present right now, a bracelet. Hopefully it’ll turn out as I have planned it…

So yesterday before I had my like mental and physical breakdown (which did not happen because of the fact that..) I watched Gossip Girl. So Blair is back, yay~ as in she is queen and not some weak girl pining over her relatioship…and I do wonder if she and Chuck get back together… they were such a good couple~ Nate and Serena are just as good though~
Two more episodes (I believe) until season three is done. And then GG is on re-run (or no run…) mode until September. Next season, I think, is the last season of the epic and scandalous world of the Upper East Side, GG style. Also, Taylor Momsen will be gone from the last season, due to her band’s tour. Jessica Szohr will also be absent from a few of the fourth season’s episodes (so her relatioship with Dan will be post-poned) (YAY!).

Currently: Building my sister’s birthday present

Reading: Just finished The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa de la Cruz, will probably start to try to read Burned by P.C. and Kristen Cast

Listening to: Gypsy by Shakira

Giving Up Is Not An Option

I have a Business test tomorrow, a Biology quiz on Thursday, and then next week, I have a Biology assignment due on Wednesday, and our Tech doll house project is due. Great.

My favourite time of the day these days is racing this kid to the bus after school… My friend told me his name… er… started with a C… ah well… either way, he’s about the only kid that always gets out of school the same time as I do and we like run for the bus. It’s also about the only time of the day that I actually get exercise… Sometimes, having a fear of packed buses is usful~

Report Cards are on Monday and the release of the seventh (FML) book of the House of Nights Series is coming out on Tuesday. Joy. I can’t wait to get The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong~ The last book to the trilogy… or is it… my friend said there’s going to be another one after that call the The Beckoning… if there is then that’s another ‘Joy’ moment. I should really stop buying books. Thank goodness there’s such thing as libraries…

I’m on the last Midnighters book, Blue Noon, and I just got The Van Alen Legacy, the fourth book to the Blue Bloods series, from the library… I seriously need some sort of restraint on books… seriously…

Currently: Tired… still… and all I did was run for the bus with the C kid…I’m totally out of shape

Reading: Midnighters 3 Blue Noon by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: Lollipop by Big Bang ft 2NE1 (normally, I hate big bang, but I actually liked this song)

What a Wednesday

Okay, so nothing truely exciting happened, but it was still a Wednesday.

In the morning there was a fire drills, so we skipped about ten minutes of class, in my case it was business. Then in bio, we did a lesson and then homework.

I finally got some hours for mentoring, which I’m seriously happy about. I need like six more though or else I’ll be on probation for HMST. I’ll have to go again tomorrow and next week… I’ll have to go a lot more…
In tech, we’re done with our bandsaw boxes.

Here’s mine~


Cool eh? Now if you saw the other side, you’d see all the mistakes I made. Thank god it was on only one side and not both!

Last period I had to work with these idiots I know. One doesn’t talk. Like EVER. The other was rambling on how if you had imagination you couldn’t be logical. I wish I had a bow and arrow at that moment to shoot him. Then my last other group member sat there trying to prove that one of the characters, Simon, was pure and innocent and couldn’t do anything wrong, while I actually did all the work. Sigh. I hate my group…

My sister and dad went to the AGO on one of her trips. They said that the King Tut exhibit was totally bogus, because they didn’t ever have Tut there, just artifacts, nothing really interesting. I’m just glad it wasn’t me who payed $15 to see it… I, however, did pay $20 to go to the Body Worlds thing at the Science Center. All these tourist attractions trying to rip you off…

Currently: working on my piled up assignments

Reading: Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: Meet you again by Katty Perry and Timberland

Monotonous Monday

It was nearly impossible for me to wake up this morning, seeing as it was 6:00am and I was used to waking up at 10am everyday. See, sometimes breaks are awesome, this one just messed up my schedule. Can’t say I did badly though. I didn’t fall asleep in any class today~~

First day back and I have a huge bio test tomorrow, and had to complete an extremely long business work sheet. That reminds me I seriously need to get my business assignment in so I can maintain my mark.

In English, we’re watching the Lord of the Flies movie, black and white version. I think I cleared it now. I’ve read the book, and seen both versions of the movies. Can I never ever ever see or hear anything about it again? Probably not, unfortunately…

Gah. I procrastinated way too much over the break. I’m behind on everything. I remember last year, I’d actually read ahead in the textbooks and stuff to learn more, now I’m just behind. Have to start up on everything again… like getting my brain to work at a normal level might help. It’s either overload or too relaxed I’m almost dead.

Currently: Cramming

Reading: Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: radio~~

4 More Days

Four more days until March Break! Hoorah! I’m sorry, I just really don’t like school.

In bio, today, we started disecting pigs. I’m fine with it, I mean, they’re already dead, plus I don’t queasy easily, though the smell was to die for. Seriously, smell it and your nose will wrinkle with disgust and you’ll find yourself retreating from the stink. What’s worse, is that I had cut the pig and was pulling back the skin, when it snapped back, sending unidentifiable white liquid from the pig flying into my face, mainly my mouth. Yum… *goes to a bush to upchuck*

Other than that, it wasn’t too bad…

I have a business test tomorrow. I should be studying… But I REALLY don’t want to. I have this test to go through, and then a bio test on Friday, and then FREEDOM!!!

I also have a tech assignment, plus my bandsaw box thing… I’m almost done? Kind of? Aha~

So I finished Need by Carrie Jones today, and it was overall not too bad. Granted, it had pixies and were-wolves/eagles/tigers/bears. But at least there weren’t any vampires~~

Currently: Tech Assignment

Reading: Either Waiting for Normal, Alisson Rules, or Along for the Ride… We’ll see.

Listening to: Catch Me by Demi Lovato

Friday is here~!

Ah so this weekend I have to study for a bio and business test. Fun. But it really doesn’t help that I hardly did anywork for both subjects in the current chapter, and also doesn’t help that in Bio I’ve learned, basically, nothing…

I started reading Blood Promise by Richelle Mead (as you can see from yesterday’s entry…) and it’s really good so far. I found out also that there’s going to be at least six books for the series: Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow-Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, and the sixth book’s title is yet to come. All these authors and their epically long series. I mean, what’s wrong with making one really long book?

Currently: Supposedly typing out business notes

Reading: Vampire Academy: Blood Promise

Listening to: Only Hope by Mandy Moore

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