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March Break!

Finally, a partial break… well for the most part. I have a bio lab due the Monday back to school plus I need to study for a bio test on the Tuesday after break. Then I have to finish my business assignment on franchises, and then my English ISP, well book report, for the second week of April. Ah well. At least there isn’t school~!

I finished Gone by Lisa McMann yesterday. Overall, it wasn’t a bad ending to the series.
Basically the book is about this girl, Janie Hannagan, who is able to go into people’s dreams. Her mother’s a drunk, and her dad left. Her best friend Carrie is amazing, but there are some things you just can’t share, no matter how much you want to. She later finds a few other Dream Catchers, as they call them, and learns about the downside to these powers. Not sure what to do with herself, she sets out to make one of the biggest decisions of her life.
Good series, and it’s so simply written, that it just makes it better~

Yesterday, I watched the Proposal and the Time Traveler’s Wife.
The Proposal was so funny~ It was amazing. My parents were being bums and kept saying that the movie was junk, but when they saw it with me, they loved it too~ Ryan Reynolds is such a hilarious actor. *Awestruck*
The Time Traveler’s Wife was really good too, but not really funny. More devastatingly sad, sweet, and emotional. Right up there with P.S. I Love You~ *movie freak* and *book freak* Hehehe~

Also, yesterday, the Paralympics started in Vancouver~ I seriously believe that all those events done by regular athletes are twenty times harder when you’re in the Paralympics. Seriously. Go Canada~!

Currently: Playing the Wii

Reading: Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen (I’m using this book for my book report) (It’s good so far~)

Listening to: Perfect by Hedley

It’s Spring~~ (Soon)

Ah. Spring is almost upon us. Time for the snow (what’s left of it) to melt, for the birds (many who never left) to return, and for the lakes and rivers (which were basically running for the whole season) to melt. Okay, so it was a warm winter, we did have… well one real snowy week… Okay so there really was no winter… What was I trying to say?

OH! Yeah, the weather was really nice today. I can’t wait for the summer where I can wear a t-shirt and have no need for a stinking coat~
Plus, the time is being reset again. Spring Forward! Too bad we lose an hour… ah well.

I like that song. Oprah promoted them, and now they’re huge… though they are pretty good (overall)

Bio test tomorrow… and then it is MARCH BREAK! YAY!!
I’m probably going to try to get some volunteer hours, or maybe hang with some old friends. Or I might try to go skating at one of the indoor rinks. Surprisingly, I haven’t gone once yet… Sigh, homework really kills any opportunity for a life.

Currently: Studying Bio

Reading: Gone by Lisa McMann

Listening to: Need you now by Lady Antebellum

4 More Days

Four more days until March Break! Hoorah! I’m sorry, I just really don’t like school.

In bio, today, we started disecting pigs. I’m fine with it, I mean, they’re already dead, plus I don’t queasy easily, though the smell was to die for. Seriously, smell it and your nose will wrinkle with disgust and you’ll find yourself retreating from the stink. What’s worse, is that I had cut the pig and was pulling back the skin, when it snapped back, sending unidentifiable white liquid from the pig flying into my face, mainly my mouth. Yum… *goes to a bush to upchuck*

Other than that, it wasn’t too bad…

I have a business test tomorrow. I should be studying… But I REALLY don’t want to. I have this test to go through, and then a bio test on Friday, and then FREEDOM!!!

I also have a tech assignment, plus my bandsaw box thing… I’m almost done? Kind of? Aha~

So I finished Need by Carrie Jones today, and it was overall not too bad. Granted, it had pixies and were-wolves/eagles/tigers/bears. But at least there weren’t any vampires~~

Currently: Tech Assignment

Reading: Either Waiting for Normal, Alisson Rules, or Along for the Ride… We’ll see.

Listening to: Catch Me by Demi Lovato

Where is this ‘break’ you speak of?

Teachers talk about long weekends, winter ‘breaks’, march ‘break’, etc, etc. And yet, there is never an actual break from work. Over a four day weekend, there were tests to study for, and presentations to prepare. Over Winter Break, there was a science project, history ISP, math ISP, and careers ISP. Either my definition of ‘break’ is different from the school’s, or the teachers’ or the TDSB just like breaking rules. I thought it was illegal to give more than 2 hours of homework to students, per subject, per night. And yet here I am, staring at about 2+ hours of Biology homework. And I thought teachers weren’t allowed to give homework, projects, etc during breaks or on holiday weekends. So unfair….

The snowboarding event seemed to be doing okay, last time I checked (which was about an hour ago…). Canada was in third in the second run, though it’s hard to hold a place unless you’re first. Even then it’s hard.
Currently, the US hold 8 medals, Germany 6, France 6, and Canada has 4. At least we’re fourth. Hopefully, we get something for snowboarding. It seemed like the lady in third was doing pretty well, though the Switz competitor was REALLY fast, having a time of only 24.45, I believe. That’s crazy! Everyone else kept wiping out on the course… A lady from Australia took a huge, and painful looking wipeout on her second run… while a Japanese woman didn’t fair much better… I think the Canadian course is a little slippery…

In English, we wrote a journal entry from the perspective of one of the characters. I chose Ralph… which I kind of regret, since the people doing Piggy or Simon would have their journals a little shorter than I will….

Bio presentations was…. okay… forgot to do the ‘hook’ at the beginning, though… C’est la vie, what’s done is done. Then tech presentations seemed to go over well, after my stupidity, and a moments panic…

See, I’d say I hate Mondays, but it’s Tuesday, so that really wouldn’t work.

Currently: Doing my bio homework….

Reading: Er… I need to find a book… preferably one from the library… it’s free.

Listening to: Today was a Fairytale by Taylor Swift (aha~ she’s such a ditz in Valentines day. It’s so funny!)

First Day Back…

First day back to school. Joy. I came home and had to complete math homework, an over-night careers assignment, my math ISP, my science project. It’s so stupid that these teachers give us all this to do over the break, I do them, and then when I ask questions, I learn that I need to redo them. I hate school.

Then today, I got one of my friends a snowglobe, and it broke. I didn’t do anything wrong, and yet it broke. It soaked my backpack, pencil case, my work, and two of my brand-new books I had gotten for x-mas. I think I seriously care more about my books than my life… So now, my books are water damaged, and everything in my backpack smells like vinegar. Stupid snowglobes. I vow not to put anything glass in my back EVER AGAIN.


I got 92 on my history ISP essay, 18/20 on part one of my careers assignment, 70 on my science (sad…). I don’t like school.

Currently: Getting ready to sleep.

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (I literally have 28 pages left…)

Listening to: Naturally by Selena Gomez

School Tomorrow….

Gah! There’s school tomorrow? I thought we had a two week break… Oh! It’s over? Really? Damn… Hm? What was I doing? Work.

It seems that even when we have a break, we don’t really have a break. It’s so screwed up this system. TDSB says that teacher’s can’t give more than two hours of homework each day. Then why do I spend seven hours each night in my room doing work? TDSB says that teachers can’t give us work over breaks. Then why did I not have a break, but my math ISP to complete, my history ISP to work on, my careers ISP part two to complete and a science project. All due the first or second day back, except my history presentation. How does that work, or make any sense!? TDSB says that cafeterias shouldn’t sell junk food or pop. So in the machines at my school, there is water and juice, but in the cafeteria they sell pop and the most unhealthy food. I’m not complaining but obviously, TDSB rules lie. None of their rules are helping the balance of education we have. Instead, the students striving to get into good universities and colleges to get good jobs in society, are all living their lives glued to books. There’s no time for life when you have a thousand projects to complete, while balancing homework, volunteer work, and ACTUAL work on top of it all. Teachers and parents are always saying ‘you should get a job’ easier said than done Einsteins; 1. Interviews and resumes have to match and be approved; 2. We have to worry about doing well in school whilst still holding onto our job; 3. You want to get me a job, and do all my work, then BE MY GUEST.

I can not wait ’til I’m done with school, then no more stress from school, or volunteer work, or teachers, or parents. Just one simple focus. Work. Sure it’s be stressful too, but it won’t be four different subjects of stress, just one. If I’m an accountant. Numbers. If I’m an optometrist. Science. One main focus.

Being a kid is stressful. The only time we have is during the summer, which doesn’t count for much, since half of us are still confined in our rooms, cause all our friends are on the other side of the earth having the time of their lives.

Hahaha~ so there’s my rant for the day. Now I somehow feel a little bit lighter~

Currently: Gluing my science project together

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (almost done. so awesome~~)

Listening to: Saviour by Lights


Today was fun. Well, the afternoon was…

I went to piano classes as usual, then me and my family went to this swarovski bead/jewellery shop and I bought around $80 worth of stuff. Yay~ Then we went to eat at my favourite restaurant~~^^ Later we went grocery shopping for a little bit, and then I went to go see New Moon with my friend J. It was a good movie~ Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart were really good in the movie, and while watching the previews, we saw Rob Pat’s other movie, Remember Me, and I want to go see that now, not because of Rob Pat, cause no offense he’s not the best looking guy, but because the movie seems really intense, with a good story line. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations^^ Then I had pizza, and now I’m here. Winter Break is fun so far. Now I’ve got to go do the dishes. Yeah, not fun but hey, it’s a part of life!

Currently: Going to go wash dishes

Reading: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. I ruined my friend’s surprise, plus I forgot the other book at school….

Listening to: Tong Hua by Guang Liang

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