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Bordom Overcomes Me

Instead of doing work, or studying, I decided to read today. So I’m like addicted to the book I’m reading, Tithe, by Holly Black. It’s so awesome, I didn’t even notice like three-quarters of the book went by, or that three hours did, as well. It’s about this girl who tries to find where her friends stands. The two faerie courts are getting ready for Tithe, a sacrifice of a human, and she’s been chosen. The good fae court tries to trick the other. The characters are cool xP

Currently: Doing math homework (sigh)

Reading: Tithe by Holly Black

Listening to: Time of our Lives by Miley Cyrus

Virus Scans Suck

As I’ve learned through experience, all virus scans suck. I’ve tried about seven different companies including Norton, Mcafee (spelling?), Windows, and the list goes on. However, each one of them suck. For every single virus scan I’ve had, I’ve gotten either tapped by spyware, invaded by a virus, or something else along that line. Either way, they’ve all failed me.

So now, my laptop is out of commission for a website gave me this virus where the whole computer freezes and nothing can be accessed or moved. So sad. There goes like half of my assignments and projects from the years past.

Currently: Starting my homework. I know, even during winter break I have to deal with homework. Explain this lack of logic, please!

Reading: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen (I LOVE HER BOOKS ^^) (Just Listen was so awesome)

Listening to: Come What May by Nicole Kidman (spelling… again…), and that guy…..

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