Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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One Day.

One day until math exams. Sigh. That’s sad…. But at least it’ll be the end. The end to the longest, most annoying subject invented.

I’ve spent the past three hours studying, but with my tendency to get distracted, I’ve been on the same questions for the whole time. Smart, eh?

This is such a cute//cool video of Masuda Takahisa, from NewS

^^ I just love him~~

Currently:Still. Doing. Math.

Reading: I’m not sure what’s next. Finished Ironside. It was so good~~ love Roiben~^^

Listening to: Superman by Massu~

So Close!

Almost done semester one. Two more days until my math exam (not happy at all about that one…). I’ve finished my science assignments and have a quiz on Thursday for History. Everything is slowly winding down.

I should seriously study for math…

Today I took an attempt at playing my flute (which I haven’t played since grade 8 ) and almost passed out from hyperventilation. Not smart, but I’m happy that I still know how to play (basically) and I can make a sound (though not a good one). But one of the keys are busted… Need to get that fixed eventually….

So Close to the end of math and science. Yay~

Currently: Starting review for math

Reading: Ironside by Holly Black

Listening to: If You Seek Amy by Britney Spears

Screwed Up Presentations

Ack! It was too short. That was my first thought when I had stopped speaking for my History presenation. How right I was. The assignment sheet said ‘subtract five marks for every minute under ten. I had stopped at seven. I’m so stupid. When I timed it at home, it was fifteen. It must have magically turned shorter over night…

Well, at least I am done with all presentations. I had also done my Careers presentation right after, and I know that had gone much better than my history one. So History and Careers presentations are done. All that’s left are science projects, and exams~

Then Semester Two~~

2010 looks good starting… January 28th~

Currently: Typing out Science assignment

Reading: Just finished Valiant, it wasn’t too bad… wasn’t the greatest though. Starting either Cupcake or Ironside… We’ll see.

Listening to: Believe by Orianthi

According to you~~

That’s a good song. It’s like the story of my life, except the ‘him’ part doesn’t apply to me. I fail with love…. that’s just kind of sad…

Worked the whole day on my history presentation. Which is pretty sad, since it’s just my essay copy and pasted onto another document…

Hehehehe.. tomorrow, it’s crunch time!

In today’s football news, the Saints CREAMED the Cardinals. The score was 45 to 14, I think the Cardinals need to start prepping for next year NOW. Too bad the Steelers sucked this year. Pittsburgh’s team was WAY better last year, winning the Superbowl and all. This year their defense sucked. They killed the best team!! (you can see where my loyalty lies) (though it shouldn’t lie anywhere… I live in Canada…)

After watching the game, I helped my dad carry doors down to the basement, since he’s building it and all. Those things are HEAVY. But they look so light….

Currently: Bored and tired

Reading: Just finished The Uninvited by Tim Wynne-Jones. Starting Valiant by Holly Black again. Must finish.

Listening to: According to you By Orianthi

Seven School Days ‘Til Exams

The semester is winding down. I have a math test on Thursday, a science test Friday, and a careers test on Friday. I have my history presentation on Monday, and my careers presentation on Tuesday, or Wednesday. I have my math exam on the 22nd, my history exam on the 26th, and my science exam on the 27th.

It’s not a bad schedule, but I just wish there was less work, though I think everyone wishes that as well.

I seriously have to stop reading and start studying. Sem One is coming to an end.

Currently: Have hiccups. Irritating things.

Reading: Valiant by Holly Black

Listening to: Favourite Girl by Justin Bieber (His songs are good… but his voice just bugs me…)

Bordom Overcomes Me

Instead of doing work, or studying, I decided to read today. So I’m like addicted to the book I’m reading, Tithe, by Holly Black. It’s so awesome, I didn’t even notice like three-quarters of the book went by, or that three hours did, as well. It’s about this girl who tries to find where her friends stands. The two faerie courts are getting ready for Tithe, a sacrifice of a human, and she’s been chosen. The good fae court tries to trick the other. The characters are cool xP

Currently: Doing math homework (sigh)

Reading: Tithe by Holly Black

Listening to: Time of our Lives by Miley Cyrus

Story Time~


“I have to tutor you. What. The. Hell!” She snapped loudly, walking down the hallway. Few people glanced our way. Instead of being surprised at her outburst, they were watching me, as I followed her through the crowd.

“What do you mean you have to tutor me?!” I snapped back. A tutor, especially her, didn’t fly in my world. I was bad at chem., but I had accepted that long ago.

“Just that! Argh!” We wound our way towards the school’s exit and I followed her down the field behind the school. “And why are you following me.”

“Step-ass took my car,” I told her rolling my eyes. “Might as well have some company.”

“I’d rather a hobo’s company.”

“But there aren’t any hobos around to spare, so you’re stuck with me.” I could practically hear her eyes roll. We made our way into the small alleyway that was a shortcut to many students’ houses. It wasn’t really an alleyway, though everyone called it that. It was just a small path cut into the strip of trees that surronded the school. The ground was still dirt, and there was a tall fence, so there was no way for kids to climb over and run away from home, and it was harder to get jumped, but not impossible. Which was why, when I heard rustling behind me, I paid no attention. It wasn’t until Kristen swore that I looked carefully at the people ahead of us.

They were in their usual black clothes. The girls in tight shirts and pants, and the guys in baggy sweaters and jeans. I turned to look behind me and saw that they had been following us. The alley was the worst place to get attacked by them, mainly because it was harder to get away. They also didn’t like me much, which probably didn’t help us. I had injured a good lot of their gang. Either by them attacking or me getting pissed off at the step-ass and hunting them down.

Their leader was J-EZ. I had no clue what that stood for, but she was pretty tough, she was the only gang member who seemed serious about her position in the gang and she was the only one with a gun, though she rarely carried it. She had short, boy-cut, black hair, chalk pale skin, and striking green eyes. She had strengthened the gang so much more since she got here during the summer. Apparently, she was the former leader of a gang some place south. However, compared to her, everyone else in the gang was either really wimpy, had no strength, or ran really slow. So basically, everyone just sucked at being a gang member.

“Sterling,” she said. I nodded.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“No, but you can explain why Greene was lying unconscious at the gas station.”

“I wouldn’t know. He probably tried to kill someone, but they knocked him out before he got the chance.”

“Then what’s with the shiner? Hm?”

“My step-dad’s got a temper the size of China.”

“Liar.” And then she pulled out her gun.


I swear, only walking home with Eric could I encounter a gang with a gun. And only in my world would I just happen to know the person holding it. 

I didn’t feel like boring everyone with my complaints about life, school, etc. So I decided to post some random part of a random story I’m writing. If I ever decide to post another bit of a story, I’d bet you it’d be from something totally different from this one. I scrap them fast.

It’ll only make it better~

Currently: Becoming extremely bored retyping my history notes

Reading: Tithe by Holly Black

Listening to: Umbrella Beach by Owl City

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