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Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate Christmas~~!!

Wow, this is one late entry… or an early one. But since my internal clock is still on Christmas Day, I’ll stick to the late entry~

Christmas is that time of year that you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It also means hanging around with family you haven’t seen in a while, and friends who have been lost through life in the past years. It’s the time to just give and receive gifts and eat large meals followed by many desserts~~

Yesterday, my dad’s brother, so my uncle held this big bash which consisted of about thirty people, give or take, and it was way fun. My cousins K, R, and E were there, though, K and R kind of had to be, since it was their house, and then their mom’s side came over as well, so it ended up being, K, R, E, A, N, J, M, B, and me, my brother, and my sister. Lot’s of semi-kids hanging out! Through the whole party, we spent most of our time in K’s room, playing with her iPod Touch, her laptop, her DS, and her guitar. Their second floor is like a large circle, so A, N, E, B and my Bro, Ch, ran around the circle a thousand times, either chasing each other or rolling around K’s excerise ball. At one point, N pissed both my sister and I off, so we chased him around the circle, while Ch, B, and E ducked, covered and screamed, laying themselves out flat on the ground, and since their 8 and younger they weren’t really in the way, and while we chased N, A continuously screamed out “ROADKILL” everytime we jumped over one of them. As odd as that sounds, it was hilarious beyond belief at the time. At another point in the party, I had my camera and flashed the green ‘ready’ light into A’s eyes saying ‘I blind you!’ while he screamed ‘DAMN YOU ARE BLINDING ME’ that was epically funny.

I have to say, A, N, and B are extremely hilarious beyond belief. Everytime I see them, I usually end up laughing non-stop!!

So today was Christmas Day, and like most families, we opened our gifts. I got a ton of stuff, which I’m happy about. Though not spoiled, I usually get a lot on Christmas and on my birthday, so twice a year isn’t bad. I got 8 books, candy, jewellery, materials to make jewellery, a dvd, an mp3, a watch, and a DS game. I’m set for the year, I think. Then, my family went out for lunch with my mom’s parents, and then went to dinner with my dad’s side, again, but it was a smaller crowd, for K and R’s family had begun their trip down to Orlando at five in the morning. It was fun, since my uncle’s house is practically an arcade, with pinball machines, casino games, and regular arcade games, like those with guns and car racing. Everytime I go there, there always seems to be a new game there to play and enjoy~

I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all my friends, and to those who celebrate Christmas, and for those who don’t, I’d like to wish them luck with Boxing day hunting~ =)

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Christmas Eve!

It’s finally Christmas Eve~

Yesterday, my mother baked up a storm, while I washed, what I think is, every dish in the house. Every time I thought I was finished, she’d bring another thing, or a pile of things, for me to wash. So yesterday, in all, she made cream caramel, oatmeal cookies, breakfast, lunch, dinner, while me and my sister decorated Tuesday’s cookies with a ton of icing. Delicious.

Today, as everyone knows, is Christmas Eve. Yeah! Hehehe~ Tonight, I’m going over to my cousin’s house for the Christmas Family Party. Which is about thirty or so people, my grandparents, my dad and his two brother’s families, totalling 14. Plus my aunt’s family, which includes her parents, and her two brothers and their families, plus my other aunt’s parents and brother and sister. It’s a big house. But seriously, every year, the party is so fun, and it’s great just hanging around with family, and extended family~~

Tomorrow is Christmas, which means PRESENTS~~ and more partying =)

YAY~ *epically hyper today*

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Baking Run Amok

If you were to walk into my kitchen at this very moment, you’d see baking pans everywhere, measuring cups filling the sink, spoons across the counter, and pots filled with unidentifiable substances. Then, somewhere between it all, you’ll find the small products of hard work and big messes.

Today was our little, kind of, baking day. The oven runs 24 hours, and the mixer is on non-stop. I believe we made about 12 batches of shortbread cookies, 5 batches of rugelachs, and 3 batches of …. something snaps… all of which took about 16 hours, a ton of work, and a lot of energy.

However, even through all that baking and dishwashing, I found that baking with my family was fun. Or well, baking while they were watching you. I baked the cookies, my mom, my sister, and myself baked the rugelachs, and my mom baked the snaps, while my dad enjoyed the products.

I guess the holidays ARE about spending time with your family, and also cooking for them, but in the end you can all just sit back, relax, and enjoy the desserts~

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