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First Day Back…

First day back to school. Joy. I came home and had to complete math homework, an over-night careers assignment, my math ISP, my science project. It’s so stupid that these teachers give us all this to do over the break, I do them, and then when I ask questions, I learn that I need to redo them. I hate school.

Then today, I got one of my friends a snowglobe, and it broke. I didn’t do anything wrong, and yet it broke. It soaked my backpack, pencil case, my work, and two of my brand-new books I had gotten for x-mas. I think I seriously care more about my books than my life… So now, my books are water damaged, and everything in my backpack smells like vinegar. Stupid snowglobes. I vow not to put anything glass in my back EVER AGAIN.


I got 92 on my history ISP essay, 18/20 on part one of my careers assignment, 70 on my science (sad…). I don’t like school.

Currently: Getting ready to sleep.

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (I literally have 28 pages left…)

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Yay. Monday…. another week to gain another pile of homework to waste yet another weekend working on. At least my science unit test is done and over with.

Math: 3 more questions
Science Lab: Started…
Science Antacid questions: Started
Science Acid Rain Assignment: Started
Careers: 3 questions done.

Notice how none of that is actually FINISHED….

Sigh. I hate homework/projects/assignments.

Currently: Wondering how to figure out 

The sum of a number and its reciprocal is 26/5. Find 2 possible values for the number.

^This question

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