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Sad Tuesday.

Today… History: Essay due Thurs//Careers: Large and important assignment due Thurs//Science: Project due next Fri; Quiz this Thurs; Test next Thurs; Lab due next Fri//Math: Quiz on Fri; Test next Wed// School makes me sad.

Hate to be me. Order of work: H-Essay; C-assignment; S-Quiz;M-Quiz; S-2 Projects; M-Test;S-Test; WINTER BREAK!

Currently: Working on history essay. almost done!!

Reading: 13 reasons why.

Listening to: why not by hilary duff

Two test, One assignment, No sleep

Tonight I have to study for a math quiz, which I will probably do poorly on, since I can’t even understand my homework, and then I have to cram for a history test, which I also won’t do too well on, for I’m no good when it comes to cramming…

On top of that, I have to finish my history notes assignment… thing… and then by the time I understand everything, cram, and then complete all my assignment and homework, it’ll be 6:00 am and I’ll be sleepless.

Currently: Mulling over math homework while reciting facts for history in my head.

Fact of the day: Agnes Macphail was the first femal MP.

Reading: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen (restarted)

Listening to: Replay by Sean Kingston ft. IYAZ

pH and Careers Searching

Five assignments/projects due Friday. I think these teachers are trying to find ways to torture kids, or fail them all at least. Three of these assignments are from Science and the other two are from Careers. Haven’t they heard of the saying “Everything in moderation” !?!

No. They have to stack as many assignments on you as they possibly can and wait for you to tip over and fall.

Currently: Working on pH Science assignment.

Assignments completed: Alka-Seltzer Lab…that’s it….

Reading: Nothing

Listening to: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

No life for the weekend.

I have too much homework… I shouldn’t even be on this, cause I have only two days to finish all of it…. stressed….

Careers Homework
Math Homework
Science Homework
Science Assignment
Science Acid Rain Assignment
Science Test-Study
Careers Assignment
History Notes for Essay

+ Music Lessons tomorrow (2 hours)
+ Brother’s B-day party (5 hours)
+Sleeping time (8 hours + 8 hours) (16 hours)
+Meals (6 hours)

Time left to do work=21 hours. Joy.

Currently: Debating between math or careers. Let’s see… both are equally annoying and take the same amount of time.

Reading: Nothing. I have no time for a.d.d. (this doesn’t count… starting now)

Listening to: What did you say by Loon ft. Wyclef Jean and Christopher

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