Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.


Yesterday, I went to Kelley Armstrong’s book signing at Yorkdale Mall. It was a lot of fun ! I even won a gift card of unknown value xD I also finished her newest book already~ It’s awesome (:

We have to do a project for international business and it’s a pain. I spent like 6 hours drawing the characters, editing them on Photoshop (albeit, badly), and then sticking them into Comic Life and making them look semi-pro, and then my friend’s like ‘Oh, my friend can draw it’. A part of me is just like OMG ALL THAT TIME WASTED /diesinahole. The other parts just like ‘THANK GOD. NOW IT’LL LOOK SO MUCH BETTER’ I don’t know…

Anyways~ I’m almost done my chemistry stuff, which I’m totally pleased about, and I guess this project’s basically done… so yup..

I’m not very talkative today…

Hmm.. I have little internet, and my internet’s the dumbest thing and half the time it doesn’t allow me to see WordPress sites without a tonne of html listings and screwed up images… But it’s working now, so I’m pleased about that.

I’m loving my new cell phone but my mom’s ready to roll over it with her car (though she knows she can’t)… I just like it ’cause the games are a lotta fun (: Haha

My grandmother bought me a study bible… it was 90 dollars. I died. When I see prices like that, I just die. Especially if it’s for one item. I know it’s a bible and it’s important… ish ? But I just can’t look at it without thinking ‘OMG that thing cost 90 bucks’….

I’m a failure at life. My cousin was going to give me a bunch of movies on Thursday, and I’m stupid and brought the wrong USB, and not only that, but I was late home ’cause of reasons… (sounds legit, right?) jhdfskjhfdskjhf /dumbdumb.

I watched the Smurfs Movie. It was pretty good, but that weirdo sorcerer’s hard to watch…

Anywho~ I should get back to my work…

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So a lot has happened since I last ventured on here. My internet at home is now limited and I haven’t had much time to blog…

However, now I’m free, for the next like, 5 minutes, let’s see what I can get through

So i finished Maria V. Snyder’s Study series and loved it ~

I got a new cell phone, yes. A NEW CELL PHONE! It’s an Android, Sony Ericsson Xperia, it’s so pretty ~~

I have a lot of chem stuff to do, and it’s driving me insane ~ -runs around like an idiot-

I saw the HUNGER GAMES MOVIE ! It was pretty good. I hated that they left some stuff out, and the ending was abrupt, but I cried, got freaked out, and just had a lot of fun with the movie. No, I don’t think it was perfect, but it was pretty damn good.

Yeah, I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of it right now, and I really need to go… so yup

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A ‘Guess the Number’ giveaway!

Bibliopunkk is giving away Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore!

Enter now:



OMG… I just found out this is going to be released on my birthday! I am so happy right now /jumpsaroundlikeamaniac. I need to stop writing all those /djshfksdf things, they’re so hard to read, but still! I can’t wait!~ Anyways, this is the excerpt that was just released, and I love it already~~ One thing I really don’t care about though (sorry!) is Dmitri. Ergh, he bugs me. Maybe it’s just ’cause I’ve loved Adrian a lot more than Dmitri, but jfhaljfhlds yeah… CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK! (AND MY EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY, haha)!! /happy.


Have you ever heard a song and instantly you were just like “OMG this sounds like _names another song with similar beat/tune_” ? Well if it hasn’t then -shrug- don’t worry, you’re not alone. If it has then YAY I’M NOT ALONE!

Yesterday, I was listening to the radio and Top of the World by Raghav came on

and instantly I was like singing other words that belonged to a different song but a very similar tune: She’s So Gone by Naomi Scott (From the Disney movie Lemonade Mouth) (with a small mix of LMFAO’s Party Rock song)

I don’t know, I thought they sounded VERY alike, but that just might be me and my own insanity… who knows.

On another note, yesterday was the premiere of The Hunger Games movie. Much held an event, and Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, and Alex Ludwig were there. It was the first time Josh head of ‘Team Peeniss’ which I thought was a hilarious name for the couple, and he was even given a very lovely poster.

PeenissPlease dont take (if you see this on ifweburnuburnwithus thats fine cuz i accidentally posted it on my personal blog (this one) instead of there)

Also, a pic of the boys looking pretty hot (:

Note: These pictures weren’t taken by me, but my friends Karen (who was lucky enough to go /sad.)

Alex seemed to like interacting with the audience. Half of Karen’s pictures show him flashing hearts to his fans or looking in every direction so fans can get a pic of him smiling (like in the pic above) or going up to the audience and signing magazines and clapping people’s hands. He’s cool (Vancouver bornnnn /Canadianpride.).

And apparently, he sings:

Also, Jacqueline Emerson, who plays Foxface in The Hunger Games, can sing too~

Yup, that’s my video span for the day~

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March Break 2012

It was my last March Break ever (unless I decide to venture down to the U.S. for university (which I won’t)) and boy did I waste it.

My family and I went out ALL day (well, from 10 to 6). We were finally going out with my mom’s parents  to celebrate Chinese New Year. The lunch was delicious~ It was at this restaurant called “Maison du Japon” (it’s a Japanese restaurant, but the name’s French…). It’s a buffet restaurant where you choose from a list of stuff and they bring you food. It’s so dang good /floatstoheaven.

Then we went to First Markham Place, which is the Markham version of Pacific Mall. It’s giant and just has a bunch of Asian stores in it. We went to my great? aunt’s jewellery store and my grandmother bought us our 16th and 18th b-day presents (even though I won’t be eighteen for another three months and my sister won’t be sixteen for another three years…) And the actual prices killed me. The lowest price was like 300 bucks and the highest I saw was 2000… /dead. Anyway, I think I spoke about that already, haha. But my grandmother got a MONSTER of a discount so.. eh.. /stilldead.

We went to Costco after and I saw this crystal Stitch from Lilo and Stitch and it was so awesome ~~ I also bought the series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and I’m going to start reading that after I work through all my library books…

Then we spent 2-3 hours at my grandparents place where my sister tried on this dress my grandmother made for her.

I finished Wither by Lauren DeStefano.

We spent the day at Yorkdale. It was a lot of fun~ I think I wrote about this too already. I spent a lot of time at Indigo, and took a peak at the end of Fever by Lauren DeStefano, and found the ending to be interesting, somewhat… then we ate at a restaurant where I received raw fish and therefore got a free meal. (I didn’t get sick so s’all good~)

I sat around on my lazy butt and started applying for Indigo through their online thing… Man, it’s a LONG process…

Spent the morning filming in the forests near my house. It was a lot of fun. My sister’s making a parody-ish of the Hunger Games trailer. While we were there, there were these squirrels fighting, that was entertaining, haha.

At night, we went to my cousin, R’s, b-day party. It was a lot of fun~ We played Pictionary (the original version) and OUTBURST! JUNIOR. In Pictionary, there were things such as Mohammad Ali, Neil Armstrong, REPUBLICANS… there were definitely odd items (people) to draw…

This was probably the best part of my week, when we went to the University of Waterloo for a Open House. It was a lot of fun~

Slept and slept and slept… and then proceeded to sitting on my arse and tumblring. I also did some of my International Business project.

About the same as Thursday. Though I also took the time to clean out my comp of everything, and ready it to be formatted and turned 2007.


I SAW THIS GIGANTIC SPIDER IN MY ROOM. It was dark brown, with red legs… JDHFKJDHKJSHDK I slept on the couch… that was uncomfortable… x.x It disappeared somewhere in my room. I tried to kill it but the walked too fast. /notninjaenough.

I finished Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Spent the day out with my mom’s parents (again). This time to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday. We went to this place called Dragon Palace on York Mills, west of Don Mills. It was like a eh version of Mandarin. It’s a Chinese buffet. So many things were spicy, and a lot was just eh.

I’m here, being totally unproductive. And still fearing that spider… I watched the first episode to The Legend of Korra. It was excellent and I’m so excited for the series~ But I miss the old characters too… They’re making a manga version of what happened between Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I wish they had made it into episodes, but you take what you get. And the manga’s good (and funny). But Aang and Katara really should NOT call each other ‘Sweetie’… it DOESN’T work… x.x

Tomorrow’s school. Time to get to it!

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My mom told me to type out what I like about each university, but I haven’t visited all of them yet so I’m not sure…

Yesterday, we ventured out to Waterloo to check out the University’s Open House. I’ve gotta say, it looked pretty awesome.

The goodies I picked up (:

They were giving away a lot of stuff ~ Pens, candy, bookmarks. They also had a few presentations, campus and res tours. It was a pretty cool day (:

The Arts' "Sugar Cube" Library

The Arts Quad

The Campus Bubble Tea place (Run by the Federation of Students) Delicious (:

The Arts' Mascot

It was a fun day, lots of walking. On the up side, the co-op program seems really great. That’s the main reason I want to go there. Co-op would be amazing~ Also, the teachers and people seem totally cool~ The residence wasn’t TOO bad, haha, but it’s not home (duh!). On the down side, it’s expensive as heck! But it’s also away from home, though the classes for English seem old… Anyone at the University of Waterloo, in English, want to take a pick of the English lecture halls for me?

Thanks xP

On another note, I’ve done the campus tour for UofT and it’s pretty cool too. My biggest issue with UofT is that it takes forever and a day to get down there, and the TTC is NOT reliable 80% of the time. Also, the campus is part of Downtown Toronto, and it’s HUGE. Some classes are like 5-10 large city blocks away from each other… So I don’t know… At least UofW is together and in one compact place…

Ryerson, I’m visiting next week for my yearbook trip, while York is having their open house on the 31st of March… I’ve still got a lot of time to decide where I want to go… But djhfedjahfdljhald /teenageissues.

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