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Teachers. From the past few years of school, I can easily stick them into five groups: The good, the monotone, the dictator, the slacker, the horrible. [I’m still in high school, so my traits of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ may vary from yours]

The Good:
You know, those teachers who actually TEACH WELL, who give you various means of communication so you can ask questions at anytime, teachers who care about your schedule too. Those are the good teachers. They may not be the nicest or they might be a ray of sunshine, but if they can teach well, with you understanding everything that comes your way (or they help you understand it) then they’re a great teacher. My Eng teacher, she’s MOSTLY nice, and she gave us time when we could come for help so we can get things right and learn better for uni. Even though we got a lot of projects and assignments, she was a legitimately good teacher.

The Monotone:
Yeah, those teachers. The ones who know their subject through and through, are able to teach their subject well, but have the most monotone voice on the planet that makes every student in the room fall asleep. If they aren’t interesting, it’s REALLY hard to pay attention and actually learn. Instead students tend to get distracted or decide to take naps.

The Dictator:
Everyone’s had a teacher like this at some point (to be honest, most of them are math teachers). They are the crazy, pain-in-the-ass, makes-you-suicidal kind of teachers.  You know what I’m talking about. Those teachers who are “always right” even when they a. make no sense or b. are wrong. However, they insist they are right and drill something into your head, only to change their mind two weeks later, thus resulting in you failing your test/quiz. It’s those teachers who stare at you in the hallway and decide to bud their heads into you business and then go off to tell your parents about it. It’s those teachers who just drive you insane because no matter HOW HARD YOU STUDY, you STILL FAIL THEIR TESTS. Not because you don’t know the unit’s material, you just don’t know the test’s material because half the stuff on there, you’ve never learn before. Yeah, these teachers.

The Slackers:
Those teachers that everyone loves. Not because their good, but because THEY DO NOTHING. They don’t bother to try to control the class, or they have control of the class, but instead of teaching, they talk about machetes, snakes, and dogs. I’m not saying that I don’t love those teachers too, but I’ve learned that the next year when you get “the Good” teacher, then you’re SCREWED because it hits you: YOU DIDN’T LEARN A SINGLE THING IN THAT SUBJECT LAST YEAR. Now grade ten and grade eleven, okay maybe it’s fine, but when that happens in grade 12, you should start fearing for the future of your education. Good marks can only get you so far if you haven’t really earned them.

Okay, now here’s where the rant really begins. It’s those teachers, those useless freaking teachers that TEACH you, but not WELL. Those teachers who have an inability to create a good rubric or instructions for an assignment, so you sit there lost trying to do this project with no clue as to what their expectations are because all they say is “Shows good inquiry skills”. I don’t know how this stuff works for university, but I’m pretty sure that they’re somewhat better at telling you want they want. There are also those teachers who teach you something, but they contradict themselves so often that you just get lost in it all. Then you go to ask them, and they pull that “I don’t know, what do you think?” thing. Like, I’M ASKING YOU. Or they say something like “What do you think William Lyon Mackenzie was thinking?” HOW WOULD I KNOW!? HE’S DEAD. Or they contradict themselves some more “Well, he thought that the act was fair and right but he didn’t like it because it wasn’t fair” WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME!?!?!?! These are the useless teachers who just drive you up the wall and make you want to shoot them, or throw an anvil at their heads because they’re so incomprehensibly stupid that you feel that killing them will actually make this world a better place. I’m not plotting murder, but come on, everyone knows what this feels like. And at this point, I’m just trying to PASS the classes with these teachers.

In the end, Good teachers are hard to find, and Bad teachers are too plentiful.

Yes, this is such a first world problem, but it’s just been bugging me for a while…

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Biology’s a ….. nevermind.

I hate tests. They shouldn’t be allowed to exist. Sigh. I mean, just give us the lesson. You don’t actually have to test our knowledge or give us a mark. If we want to learn, we’ll listen, and we’ll learn. If we don’t, then there are other people in the class who would love to listen to you banter about a subject that I really don’t care about.
From English, I learn new words and all that jazz; Science, I learned about climate and optics, which will come in handy in my future; History, I can relate to many events in history that come up in like presidential/prime minster…al? speeches, or during the school day when we celebrate stuff like Martin Luther King day; Careers and Civics, well that’s the stuff I’ll need when I’m older and have to deal with the jail system (not that I’m thinking about getting arrested or whatever) or getting a job (I think we all need that… unless you’re a hobo then that’s a different story); In Business, you learn about the TSX, businesses, how they run, etc. I might just need that in life. Especially the TSX stuff. Everyone buys stocks these days; In Technology, we learn how to use tools and how to handle wood. Knowledge that I’ll probably use when helping my dad fix our basement; In Biology, I learned enough to be able to identify certain problems/bacteria/organs/enzymes when watching shows like Dr. Oz. All this I learned through school. As much as I hate half those subjects, I still learned something useful. However, I don’t need to be tested for EVERY SINGLE unit, chapter, whatever! It’s pointless, and just makes me rant, as I’m currently doing… Sigh

Also notice how math isn’t there at all? Well, seriously? When will I need to know the equation of a line or parabola. When will I need to know all this trigonometric equations and formulas. I still have them all memorized, but have yet to use it in the real world. All of the useful math, I learned in gr 4-6. Done.

Another good video for Shugo Chara. This time, Utau is also in it.

This is a great opportunity to whoever can sing (I can’t!) Aha~ I love Marianas Trench music~

Biology Facts for the Day:
I’ve got nothing…
And I have a test tomorrow…

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Bittersweet Love

I’m reading Dear John, and that’s one of the reviewer’s comments. I’m half-way through and it’s so well written, like all his books, and so sweet~

Ugh, I have to finish my business assignment, but I really, really, really don’t want to. Since we can’t type it (because too many people copy and paste from the Internet), we have to handwrite it, which is one of my least favourite things to do.

My mini rant for the day:
Today, I was waiting for the bus, and when it came, it was stuffed with middle school kids. So a bunch of them got off, and the others moved further back on the bus, and there was way more than enough room for lil’ old me to fit. But no. I step on to the bus, and the freaking bus driver closes the door on me, while I’m in the middle, so it was either get off the step, or be stuck in the door. I got off. So the stupid driver’s like watching me get stuck in the door, and doesn’t bother open it again, even though there was room, and he knew I was there. And the middle school kids are looking at the driver like he has some mental problem, and it was such a freaking piss off! Then I had to wait for the next bus… which basically meant waiting outside for 30 mins with some creepy girl from my school staring at me with her magnifying glasses… Stupid TTC should go buy some better drivers. Like seriously.

Okay, I’m done being angry~

Yesterday I was bored of my tech assignment, so I began looking at Shugo Chara fan videos. I don’t really like Shugo Chara, but the fan videos are usually good to watch.

I like the song, and the video’s not bad either. Another reason why I like looking at these videos: they give me new music to listen too.

There was a job/volunteer fair at my school today, and I know my parents REALLY want me to do something productive this summer (let’s just say I spent a great amount of last summer on sites such as Neopets and Moshimonsters) (Don’t ask…). So I’ll either volunteer somewhere or get a job. But in order to get a job, I need a SIN number. Something I should have applied for during my non-productive summer…

Okay back to homework….

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Worst day of 2010

Well that was fast, I’ve already had my worst day of 2010. Really sad.

1.My math exam is on the first day. I have no time to study anything. Failure is imminent.
2.Found out my careers final test thing is on the same Friday I have to do well on a science unit test. Yay.
3.Had a math quiz. That’s not fun.
4.Found out I’m third for history presentations
5.You really don’t want to know.

I hate school. And I’m still pissed at the world. To help the cause, my mom dumped out everything that was in my closet, to look for something and told me to clean it up. Took three hours. Like seriously. WHY!?!!?!

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Twelve more days ’til exams

Twelve. More. Days. This is what I was reminded of first thing in the morning. The principle of the school is relatively new, just started in September at NV. So every morning, he decides to go onto the P.A. system and tell us how many minutes there are left until the bell rings. Obviously, this guy needs a new hobby. So today he says: “There are ten more minutes until first bell. Let’s finish up those conversations and get to class. Remember, there are twelve more days until exams. You can get a lot accomplished in these twelve days, so let’s get moving.” Is there something about the class averages that you don’t like or something? Are we not getting enough accomplished for you liking?


I can’t wait until next semester. Other than grade 11 bio, all my other classes should be fun, or a breeze to get though. Granted, there will be projects, homework, etc, but there well be a happier me~~

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School Tomorrow….

Gah! There’s school tomorrow? I thought we had a two week break… Oh! It’s over? Really? Damn… Hm? What was I doing? Work.

It seems that even when we have a break, we don’t really have a break. It’s so screwed up this system. TDSB says that teacher’s can’t give more than two hours of homework each day. Then why do I spend seven hours each night in my room doing work? TDSB says that teachers can’t give us work over breaks. Then why did I not have a break, but my math ISP to complete, my history ISP to work on, my careers ISP part two to complete and a science project. All due the first or second day back, except my history presentation. How does that work, or make any sense!? TDSB says that cafeterias shouldn’t sell junk food or pop. So in the machines at my school, there is water and juice, but in the cafeteria they sell pop and the most unhealthy food. I’m not complaining but obviously, TDSB rules lie. None of their rules are helping the balance of education we have. Instead, the students striving to get into good universities and colleges to get good jobs in society, are all living their lives glued to books. There’s no time for life when you have a thousand projects to complete, while balancing homework, volunteer work, and ACTUAL work on top of it all. Teachers and parents are always saying ‘you should get a job’ easier said than done Einsteins; 1. Interviews and resumes have to match and be approved; 2. We have to worry about doing well in school whilst still holding onto our job; 3. You want to get me a job, and do all my work, then BE MY GUEST.

I can not wait ’til I’m done with school, then no more stress from school, or volunteer work, or teachers, or parents. Just one simple focus. Work. Sure it’s be stressful too, but it won’t be four different subjects of stress, just one. If I’m an accountant. Numbers. If I’m an optometrist. Science. One main focus.

Being a kid is stressful. The only time we have is during the summer, which doesn’t count for much, since half of us are still confined in our rooms, cause all our friends are on the other side of the earth having the time of their lives.

Hahaha~ so there’s my rant for the day. Now I somehow feel a little bit lighter~

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Virus Scans Suck

As I’ve learned through experience, all virus scans suck. I’ve tried about seven different companies including Norton, Mcafee (spelling?), Windows, and the list goes on. However, each one of them suck. For every single virus scan I’ve had, I’ve gotten either tapped by spyware, invaded by a virus, or something else along that line. Either way, they’ve all failed me.

So now, my laptop is out of commission for a website gave me this virus where the whole computer freezes and nothing can be accessed or moved. So sad. There goes like half of my assignments and projects from the years past.

Currently: Starting my homework. I know, even during winter break I have to deal with homework. Explain this lack of logic, please!

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