Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Terra Meus

The map within me spirals and twists

changing direction every second



ready to toss me over the edge

of an uncharted cliff.


Lost in my own little world, I

learn that cartography is not my forte



not a single foothold recorded

no landmark in sight.


Allowing others to show me the way

I never know if I’m walking my path



living up to everyone else’s

expectations, unable to fall through.


Sometimes, I wonder if this falsification

of confidence, even works



everyone around me, trying to fit in

trying to feel undamaged, unbroken


I’m starting to create my own directions

which will lead me somewhere



becoming stronger, building up

my own world that I can be proud of.


I may not die today, I may not die tomorrow

but when I do pass away I will be



with the world that is within me:

terra meus.

Productivity, 3 million, died.

Productivity passed away last week after a great battle against terminal distraction, as well as being ailed with a laziness tumour. The rapid deterioration of Productivity was set in motion as generations of humans slowly became indolent, thus the tumour began growing within Productivity. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to stop the tumour from growing, for they were much too lazy to go through the extensive process required to remove it. Years later, when Productivity was diagnosed with terminal distraction, doctors deemed him a lost cause. After the discovery of Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, Productivity’s health declined alarmingly. However, when the recent connections between all four sites were made by human, Mark Zuckerburg, adults and teenagers alike became so distracted that absolutely everything came to a stand still. That was the final blow, and Productivity died soon after. Productivity’s brothers, Perseverance and Determination were asked to release their statements earlier this morning. “I am saddened by my brother’s death, but I will definitely keep trying to get this world back on track!” Perseverance said. Determination, on the other hand, adamantly refused to give us a statement of any sort. Productivity’s funeral is set for November 23, 2011.



-It’s an obituary for a concept (: We did it in Writer’s and it’s so much fun xD
-This is by me, Alicia Chin. If I see it anywhere else, I’ll hunt your down… (:<  (unless you’ve credited me, then it’s okay (: !)

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Everybody said it was a mistake … [Prompt Writing]

Everybody said it was a mistake. You didn’t care. You laughed at the warnings, at the danger. Said you needed to be popular. Now? You’re trapped in the hospital. You’re paralyzed from the waist down, you numskull. Was it worth is? Yay, you made it through initiation. Doesn’t matter though, ’cause you can’t even walk.
Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Yeah, you’re still here, sitting in a hospital bed, staring up at the white ceiling and fluorescent lights. too bad no one ever brought in a ladder and drew on that particular blank canvas. Would have probably given you about ten more seconds of entertainment. Are you happy? You should be, you succeeded. Technically, you’re officially popular.

I had to write that for writer’s craft. Not too shabby. My first time writing in 2nd person :o !

Dysfunctional Me

Never had the courage
Nor the guts, not the glory
Never could say
‘I love you’

Insecure, a fact unknown to many
Worried about myself
Scared for others
I never do know when the line’s been crossed

Insulting, mean
Rude and loud
But I’d defend you
In a heartbeat

Another one of those things
Where you don’t know where it’s going
You just run with it
And hope it works out

I’m just a passenger
In this car driven
By the rest of the world
Out of my control

I could grasp the steering wheel
Whenever I want
Though I never actually got
My G1

This whirlwind of schools and life
Getting jumbled together
Becoming an indecipherable blur
Never knowing when one starts and finishes

Nervous and shaken
Thought I try not to show it
But it has a nasty habit
Of making its presence known

Tired of this facade
Where true feeling are hidden
True beings are abandoned
The truth being left in the dust

Afraid of the future
Unsure of the present
Regretting the past
What kind of life is this?

Wishing my fake confidence was real
Wondering why I’m like this
I can burst into tears
By just writing those words

Tears, oh look, I’m crying
Deep down, I’m scarred from origins unknown
I live and hope
That one day they’ll heal

Afraid that I’ll be this broken me
Forever, from now on
Afraid of life
But not of death

Though I fear for the death of others
I have so much to regret
So many mistakes in my past
Yet their slate is so clean

I fear that I’ll slip up
And miss my chance to save the ones I love
I don’t know what all this junk in my head is
I only know that I am me

This dysfunctional person
Who has no path, no drive
Who trips and slips
And falls on her face

But I’m still me
One day I’ll be stronger
One day I’ll be able to face the world
One day I’ll be happy

And that what I want to grow up to be

Friends, now to infinity and beyond

Been friends for three years
Now we’re going our separate ways
You’re moving houses and moving on
And I know I’m going to miss you

Remember when we met
You were quite a forgetful fool
Coming at 8 when it should’ve been 10
However, soon, it was a tradition

Chilling in the hallways
Earlier than everyone else
You bouncing your tennis ball around
And kicking my freaking shoes

Remember when you biked to school?
I took your keys, haha
Hid it in someone’s locker
Ah, those were the days

And that bouncy ball, oh god
VT nearly killed you ’cause of that
I kept it from you for a whole day
You then took my yearbook and wrote about it, xD

I’ll miss stealing your chocolate
Making the hungry hungrier, as Moo says
Laughing at your mistakes
And helping when you were upset

I’ll miss you acting stupid
And your happiness and joy
But we’ll see each other again
Sooner or later my dear friend

Don’t forget about our bet
No more games, man
If you bet that one more time
I’m betting you’ll be broke

Hope you’re happy over there
But remember, don’t forget me
You still owe me an icecap bro
I don’t forget that easily

Well, it’s time to say goodbye
Sorry this poem isn’t the best
But it’ll have to do
I love you, man

I’ll miss you, bro
Goodbye my friend
I can’t wait
To see you again (: <3

Random Writing: Literally

I was looking through old stories that I started and never finished, I thought I’d post some stuff ’cause I liked the lines, haha~ All rights reserved to me, ’cause I actually wrote them. NO STEALING OR I’LL EAT YOU D:< Copyrights to Alicia. Yesh that be my name.. NO TOUCHY (:
Enjoy, ahaha~

“There is no point to friendship,” I replied coldly. “We just end up moving on, letting those false friendships fall to the dust. Either you’re betrayed or forgotten, but all friendships break eventually.” I got up from my seat, leaving my half finished lunch on the table. “Even after death, you may think your name will live on, burned in everyone’s memory. But in the end, friendship fails, and even those who wanted to be remembered forever are forgotten.” With that, I turned and left the cafeteria, walking out of the school into the cold, winter weather.

All my life, my room has been my little haven on earth. What ever happened, I would come into my room and forget about it all, either by drowning it out through music or sleeping it off. Sometimes, if I wasn’t tired, or had a headache from everything, I’d draw. I wasn’t very good at drawing, just painting, which was odd, since that required drawing skills. However, no matter how amazing my paintings were, my drawings sucked. During my parents’ divorce when I was seven, I had tried to draw my family, with everyone holding hands. It turned out to be horses with sticks for hands and legs. Granted, I was seven, however, even now, if I tried to draw people, they’d turn out like horses, though they’d have a full, disproportioned, cow looking body.

Tension hung in the air, its presence noticed by both of us. Then: “Well, that was easy. What do you have for lunch?”

Alright, I'm getting lost in them, haha~ Well yar. BYE (:


Look at the world from where we stand
Watch the seasons change
As dawn turns to dusk
Mistakes are made
But life moves on
In a whirlwind of events
Eventually time runs out
We grow old and become frail
Afraid of death or ready to embrace it
Searching our whole lives
For an opportunity, a chance
Only to pass on one day too soon
Wasting away our lives
Looking for a happiness in riches and fortune
When it lies in simplicity and passion
For who and what you love
Missing the larger picture
Many pass life by
Hoping for something that is right in front of them
Unknowingly missing it
For they were not happy with what they had
Life is short
And time only lasts so long
For those who do not truly live
Impossible to redo anything
Live with no regrets
Never forget your mistakes nor relive them
Always be yourself
And be content with what you have
And who you know
Because you never know
If you have tomorrow

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