Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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‎”Striving for perfection is a noble and important goal as it drives innovation, skill building and quality control.

However when we fail to achieve perfection, we are left with imperfection. That’s also an important and noble goal because it drives humility, acceptance, understanding and love.

Sadly, the world does not reward imperfection. In fact it berates it – and that’s why we live in fear.”

It’s been a while

Hello, wordpress, it’s been a while. And now here I am, making this post at 12 midnight, just because.

There are 4 things I want to address.

1. I’m going to posting a lot more on my new blog, yu-ai, I’m sharing with my friend Danica, so you can check that out. I will still be using The Avid Reader for my book reviews though, so keep up with that too~

2. I got Soulbound in the mail on Wednesday from Razorbill~ I was quite pleased (:

3. I HAVE GRADUATED. I am officially done high school!

4. These two videos were quite awesome~

The first is a video from So You Think You Can Dance. I seriously like Cole (maybe it’s ’cause he’s Asian (or well, Hawaiian) or maybe it’s ’cause he’s a martial artist who incorporates that with his dancing, either way he’s awesome).

The second video is from the Glee Project. It’s a medley between Milkshake and Moves like Jagger. It’s quite good ~

Anyway, I need to get to sleep~

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Prom 2012!

Wow, I’ve really neglected this blog for the past… month?

I’m sorry -bows-

This month has been really busy for three reasons:

1. I’m busy every weekend ’cause we’ve been eating out with family and running errands, and going to piano. It’s just a bunch of things all pushed together during the weekend.

2. I’ve been trying to get people to “heart” my contest entry on figment -hint hint-

3. I’ve been prepping for prom! (Original post on my shared blog, yu-ai)

Prom was amazing! My photos were taken by eggtart (so scroll down to see the set up and the food).

It’s funny, I went into school on Thursday and was just like “Prom is tonight… UGH”. And yet, when I got there, I was getting that insane buzz that tells me it’s time for a party. After a number of irritating pictures taken by my dad of me + the building + some trees, I went in. Little did I know I was trapping myself…

Prom Ticket!

Our school warned us about the no in and out policy, but I didn’t think it meant before anyone actually got there. I was there at like 5:50 pm, and I wanted to take pictures of the banquet hall before everyone got there. So I went in, and then after taking pictures, and saying hi to teachers, I noticed a bunch of people outside taking group photos and was just like I WANNA GO! But the teachers wouldn’t let me, hmph.
Add that to the fact that the corsage my date got me was half broken, I’d say the start of the night wasn’t amazing. The salad did not help.

To the food! Ever eat weeds on a plate? No? What about dirt? No to that too? Well, if you tried this salad, that’d be something to scratch off your bucket list. Now, I love green salad. I won’t eat a salad unless its green. But this one tasted like dirt smells. It was horrid. And the salad dressing, ’cause I was actually considering it, was like brown coloured vinegar, not appetizing in the least. Ergh, just thinking about it makes me cringe. To it, I give a 1/10.

Dish two: the pasta. Though a little al dente, the pasta tasted fine. The sauce was flying though, haha. Our friend A got it on her white dress, and our visiting friend AP got it on his dress shirt (on the shoulder of all places…). This dish, I’d rate a 6/10.

Dish three: chicken with a cheese and spinach stuffing, with sweet potato scallops and veggies. The chicken, was amazing. 10/10 for the chicken: it was tender, tasted good, and mmmmm~~ amazing~ the sweet potato scallops (well, I think they were sweet potato) tasted horrid, I gagged… The veggies were alright though. Overall, I’d give this dish a 8/10, just ’cause I loved the chicken so much.

Dish four: an ice cream filled crepe, with strawberry sauce. One of my least favourite things to eat is anything with fruits. Desserts just should not have fruits in them in my world. It’s blech. I give this one a 6/10. The ice cream was good, but the strawberry taste ruined it for me…

To the dance floor! Okay, I hate dancing. absolutely detest it. I’d rather shoot myself on most days than dance in public where people can actually see me. But at parties, I love dancing. Why go to a party if you’re not going to dance -ahemeggtartahem- ?! I had the time of my life on that dance floor~! There’s no way to describe that feeling. Even though I know that I’m not an amazing dancer, at parties, I tend to just dance as if no one’s watching~ It’s exhilarating! I had a great time dance (more like jumping around) with my friends, and even some people whom I usually hate. I slow danced with my date thrice, and once with AP (another thing I get to cross off my bucket list~). I was shocked that my date danced. He even got up for some of the fast dancing near the end of the night. It was hilarious (he’s not too good… haha) and a lot of fun!

Empty Dance Floor …
Our DJ!
Doesn’t he look like a vampire you’d see on Vampire Diaries?!
My friend thought he was cute…
Full dance floor!

To the photo booth! The hall had a photo booth. You know that thing where you take like four photos and the box spits ’em out? Yeah, that thing. They were unlimited and free (well, the limit was as many slips of photo paper in the machine). It was a lot of fun. I ended up with four slips. It was a lot of fun, but we all can admit that we over abused the poor machine, thus rendering it useless by 11pm. But that was alright, because I had a tonne of photos from my camera: 121 to be exact.

I had a blast. I loved this year’s prom because there wasn’t any drama, just a lot of dancing, laughing, smiling, and fun~ Though I woke up the next day with blisters on my feet, bruises on my hands from clapping, and a really rough voice, Thursday May 17, 2012 was one of the best nights of my life~

Salad – First dish (I rate it a 1/10)
Pasta – Second dish (I rate it a 6/10)
Chicken – Third dish (I rate it a 8/10)
Ice cream crepe – Dessert (I rate it a 8.5/10)

If you’re still iffy about going to prom. Go. Simple as that. You’ll regret it otherwise!

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It’s that time again. Bibliopunkk is holding an international giveaway for Richelle Mead’s novel, ‘The Golden Lily’. Are you jumping for joy as much as I am? No? Only Me? Dang. Anyways, if you did happen to fly through the ceiling in excitement, the contest is HERE! #Lilypunkk

On another note, anyone out there have a figment account? If so can you heart my entry, The Arsius Bloodline, for Julie Kagawa’s Immortal Rules Contest? I’ll love you forever (:

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This is my family every week. I don’t know if we’re on watch for potential terrorist activity, but I know, every week when I walk out of costco, I come out with at least $300 worth of stuff…

Alena Dillon

Costco exhausts me. You know how the elderly have to distribute their obligations across an entire week (laundry on Tuesday, drugstore on Thursday, etc.) because everything is so damn tiring? That’s how I am with Costco. I walk into that warehouse and, I’m not just wiped, I’m done for the day.

Management realizes the stamina required to get from hygiene to produce and then back up again to computer supplies— that’s why they set up sample stands at every aisle. Those noble men and women in their red hats and aprons dispensing bites of dumplings or pizza bagels are as essential to the process as are the individuals handing out cups of water along marathon routes.  And that, of course, makes me the runner. I’m bent at a forty five-degree angle in order to push the oversized cart, which by the time I reach the cereal section is already piled…

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It’s working for once!

My internet is actually functioning today, woot! (or well, my wordpress is actually functioning today…)

This past week has been pretty chemistry intensive. Tuesday, the draft to our formal lab was due, Wednesday, we had another lab, Thursday, we had to hand in Wed’s lab assignment, Friday, Study Group question and the Thermochem test. Woot. /jdhsskjhdla.

Today, I had a monster headache. Either it was from eating nothing but sugar all day, or just ’cause it doesn’t like me, I don’t know, haha.

I’ve read a few books lately, and a lot of new ones have been released:
The Immortal Rules – Julie Kagawa (want to read)
The Story of Us – Deb Caletti (want to read)
Out of Sight, Out of Time – Ally Carter (read)
The Calling – Kelley Armstrong (read)

Not new books I’ve read recently:
The Ghost and the Goth – Stacey Kade
Queen of the Dead – Stacey Kade
Somewhere in Blue – Gillian Cummings
etc etc

I’ve been on a reading roll (:

On another note, I’ve been writing again, nothing good (in my opinion) but who knows…

La, la, la, la, la, la, singing a happy song ~ (I’ve also watched the Smurfs movie like 12 times in the past few weeks…)

OMNOMNOM Wonka Nerds ~ (best candy ever)

Obviously, I have nothing interesting to say, so I’ll sign off now~

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Any of you know what limited internet feels like? Well, let’s just say, once you’ve gotten a taste of unlimited, 15GB is killer.

It also doesn’t help that I can’t even see this site with out a tonne of HTML and everything’s on <- that side of the page. Can’t go on tumblr much either ’cause the pictures never show up. I know, I know, first world pains. But still, it’s a pain -3-

Anyways, all I’ve really been doing in the past few weeks is wasting away in my room like a useless turd, doing chores, struggling to exercise (I pretty much failed) and doing online quizzes with my friends. (productive. i know).

Anyways… I think, over the past four years, I’ve gotten relatively more boring…


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