Name: Alikiya

If you found my blog through someone else’s then you may know that my name is Alicia… or is it…

I enjoy biking, playing computer games, talking to my friends, and Facebook.

I don’t know why, but I hate crowded buses, it’s like a phobia, so I run out of school, racing some of my friends, to get to the bus in time before the rush of high school students arrive. Then I arrive at home, only to spend then next 7 hours in my room doing work, writing, reading, or cruising facebook, but always listening to music.

I’m full Chinese and speak some dialect half the Asians out there have never heard of … not very well granted… my family considers our selves Chinesian, Chinese-Canadian, where we speak a blend of Chinese and English in one sentence and still understand it~

Writing is my Passion. I love writing and the freedom of thoughts that comes with it. All I need is a blank piece of paper, a pencil and eraser, an idea, and I’m set.  However, I tend to toss stories out the window due to my frustration with my own self and my own ideas.

92% of the teenage population would be dead if Hollister said that it wasn’t cool to breathe anymore… copy and paste this if you’re one of the 8% that would be laughing really, really hard.

Reading is my World. I love reading more than anything in the world. I read so many books a year, that my friends try to forcefully get me away from them. I even read while I’m eating, though the choice of literature tends to be chip bags… I love the feeling of stepping into someone else’s shoes, knowing that whatever problems the characters have will be solved in a hundred or so pages. Everything that exists out of a book is out of my interest. There’s nothing interesting about my life, so books are my chance to step into another world.

I live in Canada. In the summer, I’m homeless because my igloo melted but don’t worry, I have a pet beaver that can make me houses out of wood.

Music is my Life. It helps drown out the rest of the world, the arguments, the lectures, the annoying, etc. It’s my calming device. There isn’t a place on earth that I don’t think about music. Even in the middle of tests, I tend to recite lyrics in my head as I answer questions. Music is always on my mind.

That’s a little bit about me. The End.

Just kidding!

It’s just the beginning~


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