Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

This is my family every week. I don’t know if we’re on watch for potential terrorist activity, but I know, every week when I walk out of costco, I come out with at least $300 worth of stuff…

Alena Dillon

Costco exhausts me. You know how the elderly have to distribute their obligations across an entire week (laundry on Tuesday, drugstore on Thursday, etc.) because everything is so damn tiring? That’s how I am with Costco. I walk into that warehouse and, I’m not just wiped, I’m done for the day.

Management realizes the stamina required to get from hygiene to produce and then back up again to computer supplies— that’s why they set up sample stands at every aisle. Those noble men and women in their red hats and aprons dispensing bites of dumplings or pizza bagels are as essential to the process as are the individuals handing out cups of water along marathon routes.  And that, of course, makes me the runner. I’m bent at a forty five-degree angle in order to push the oversized cart, which by the time I reach the cereal section is already piled…

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